The author

I’m Sami Pietik√§inen. I live in Finland and I’m a software designer. I studied at Tampere University of Technology, and I received my Master of Science degree a few years back. So far I have worked a bit over five years in the Finnish software industry. I have worked with systems ranging from low-end microcontroller systems to embedded Linux system for multiple customer domains. Nowadays I’m mostly working with embedded Linux and C/C++. I’m also a Linux and technology enthusiast outside work.

On my free time I enjoy reading, photography and various sports. As a latest hobby I have also started to write this blog.

The blog

I have always been fascinated about computers. I wanted to understand how they really worked, and that got me interested in programming in the first place. As my understanding increased, I was eager to understand the big picture and deepen my knowledge. To understand how everything really really worked on the lowest levels.

I enjoy writing about things that I’m interested in. That’s why started this blog. I’m writing as a hobby and¬† I have no detailed plans for the content. The topics will mostly likely revolve around embedded Linux, programming and technology in general.